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From the author:

This book was begun in January of 2006. It was supposed to be a short book so I could afford to print it (the price of printing is related to the number of pages). Then, if God chose to bless it, perhaps I could afford to print the longer book I had begun writing first.

The storyline had been developing in my imagination already, so I began to capture the characters on paper. As the characters and story unfolded, I realized they deserved more than the few pages I had planned to allow them. The characters begged for more room to tell their story, thus, the 'short book' became a full-length novel. I hope the people within my book will capture and warm your heart just as they did mine.

To God be the glory!

"Redeeming the time, for the days are evil."

Ashley Elisabeth (Crook) Ledden

Hearts Journey Home

The Trestle family is striving to enjoy life in their new Texas home despite the awful tragedy that has found its way to their joyful doorstep. To top it off, the shocked small town they have just moved to can't understand these people. The grave townsfolk proudly consider themselves to be religious, righteous people. But these eccentric newcomers? They haven't seen the likes of them before. Will the town coldly ignore this grieving family? Will the Trestles pack up once again in search of a more cheery abode? Adding to their already eventful life, the father keeps catching glimpses of what he believes to be a strange man lurking on the mountain near their home. What is he up to? Follow this unforgettable family as their lives unfold and discover what it has in store for them.

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