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Jordan and Ashley have both worked on a movie set and enjoyed it immensely. Ashley feels this is an area the Lord would like her to continue to be involved in and hopes to make a movie based on her book Hearts Journey Home someday. Though she loves almost all aspects of filmmaking, the area she likes best is working with the camera, either as assistant camera or camera operator. She would also like to hone her skills so she can work as a Director of Photography. She also enjoys editing. Shiloh also has an interest in moviemaking, especially in the areas of costume design and acting. If you are in need of anyone to help on a film contact Ashley. Below are listed film projects we have been a part of.

In addition to these films, Ashley has also helped with the filming of three weddings and also filmed and edited another one.

The Penny by Filmweavers

Six lives. One Coin. A thrilling story sure to cature your imagination! To learn more and follow the production blog, visit www.filmweavers.com.

Ashley - 2nd Assistant Camera

Right.org Commercials

These are two commercials Ashley went down to Missouri to film with some filmmaker friends, including some memebers of the Filmweavers team. They made them just for fun for the contest on Right.org.

Ashley - Assistant Camera

Hearts Journey Home Commercial

A commercial advertising Hearts Journey Home, the book Ashley wrote. Lots of fun scenes!

The entire family pitched in and wore numerous hats during the production. Listed below are the main things each of them did, though everyone did much more than this.

Larry - Actor (Spencer), Producer, Grip
Ashley - Director, Writer, Director of Photography, Editor
Shiloh - Behind the Scenes, Actress (Girl reading book), Grip
Judy - Script Supervisor
Josiah - Grip

Hearts Journey Home Trailer (3 min)

Hearts Journey Home Commercial (1 min)

Pendragon - Sword of His Father

Pendragon: Sword of His Father

Ashley had a chance to go help with this film for a couple weeks, mostly as a set decorator and grip type person.

"As the Barbarian fleets descend on the coast, the people of Britain are left to defend themselves...

"The first independent Christian film of its kind, Burns Family Studios presents Pendragon: Sword of His Father, an epic film set in Britain's Dark Ages. With riveting action, stunning visuals, and a powerful score, Pendragon's message of faith, courage, and vision is sure to inspire your family for generations to come."

For more information and to watch the trailer or order the movie, visit www.pendragonmovie.com

Koinonia Film

This is a film Ashley made of her dog in the early Spring of 2008. She was enjoying filming in the brilliant snow.

Ashley - camera, editor, dog handler/trainer
Shiloh - Assistant dog handler

When Parents Depart

This is a fun short made by the family in the early Spring of 2008. It has a theme of honoring your parents. Be sure to check back, because it should be completed soon and available for viewing.

Ashley - Writer, Director of Phtography, Director, Editor, Actress
Shiloh - Writer, Grip, Behind the Scenes phtographer, Actress
Josiah - Grip, Behind the Scenes photographer, Actor

The Heartwood Dagger by Filmweavers

This is a heartwarming family drama available for purchase on the Filmweavers website. Ashley and Jordan were a part of this film that was shot in both Wisconsin and Western New York.

Of course, as seems to be the case with every independent film, everyone wore numerous hats, but these were their official positions:

Jordan - Art Director
Ashley - Assistant Camera

The Legacy Trailer

The Legacy trailer was created by Ashley in the summer of 2006 for a competition in the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival where they were having a competition between trailers advertising for the film festival. The trailer was a semi-finalist at the festival.

Ashley enjoyed making the trailer and learned many valuable things along the way that she believes will help her in making more advanced films in the future.

TsitrA by Filmweavers

This is a humorous family animation that Ashley will be helping to animate. It also has some live action which Ashley (and Jordan briefly) helped film. It will be available for purchase at the Filmweavers website when completed.