Trestle 2 Treasure

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Our Mission
We desire with all our heart to help bridge the gap between a person and healing, between souls and God. To make known the treasure of God's love, healing, and salvation. Our goal is to work as a team with others to create a trestle to the treasure of Jesus and His love and salvation.

We endevour to do this first just by our lives and reaching out to others, and also by creating entertaining, touching, powerful, family-friendly, refreshing films, books, photos, sketches, paintings, and other works of art which bring a refreshing, healing balm to hurting hearts and which leave the recipient/viewer/reader with a feeling of fulfillment and renewed enthusiasm for our Lord.

We commit all we do to Him - Our Father, Savior, and Guide.

Film company Ashley and Ethan are in: Filmweavers
Ethan's Director of Photography site: E the DP
Ashley and Ethan's Visual Effects site: nvisibleFX
Ashley's blog: OceanTrust

The Team
Left to right: Ashley, Jordan, Judy, Larry, Josiah, and Shiloh